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Marriage counseling can be an overwhelming thought. Especially if you’re facing relationship issues such as arguing, communication breakdowns, financial pressure, or infidelity. But online counseling with Hope Relentless can help you overcome these challenges in an efficient and effective manner. This kind of counseling is conducted online via zoom and is available across the country. Here are some of the advantages of online marriage counseling:

  • FREE 1st session. After the first session, discuss affordable options allowing you to experience continued breakthroughs.
  • Convenient: By meeting online there is no commuting time from the office or home to the counselor’s office and back.
  • Consistency: By meeting with a counselor online it is easier to be consistent. Consistency plays a huge role in successful marriage counseling.
  • Choices: Online allows you to choose the best counselor for your relationship, not just rely on who is local.

Let’s Talk: Start with a Free Consultation for Victorville Marriages

Hope Relentless has had incredible success working with marriages online. It started when Covid forced counseling sessions online. At first, marriage counseling online was new and different. But couples started to experience the same breakthroughs online as they did in person. If anything, because of the added convenience which led to more consistency, online marriage therapy started to outperform in-person counseling.

Hope Relentless offers a FREE consultation. This allows you and your significant other an opportunity to meet with a professional counselor. During this session, you can ask the counselor questions and get a better understanding of how online marriage counseling works, and if it is a good fit for your marriage.

The counselor will learn more about what caused you to reach out for counseling and then lay out a clear plan for what it looks like for a couple to work with a Hope Relentless Counselor. Part of what makes Hope Relentless unique is the 12-week program that creates breakthroughs for marriages.

Many counselors do not have a clear plan for how they will serve marriages. This can lead to unending sessions and little to no clear improvement. Hope Relentless is different. The 12-week program provides couples with a clear pathway to marital growth and increased marital satisfaction. This program works over and over again. Call today to set up your 1st session at no cost.

Convenient: Why this Matters

Online marriage counseling is convenient. Nowadays, marriage counseling is often seen as a necessary step in resolving ongoing relationship issues. This is especially true when it comes to couples who are busy professionals who don’t have time to go to a counselor in person. Meeting with your counselor online can save upwards of an hour or more every session.

When couples factor in the commute time whether from work, or home to their marriage counselor’s office and back. There is a huge time saving by meeting online. The use of zoom still affords body language, tone, and facial expressions to be experienced both by the couple and the counselor, but without the added time of driving.

Marriage counseling over zoom adds additional flexibility. If one spouse has a work project or commitment run late, or if someone travels regularly for work, they can still attend their online relationship counseling meeting because they can both jump on zoom and participate in live video sessions from their own home. With traditional in-person counseling, both spouses have to be together and at the counselor’s office.

In today’s world, life is busy, so flexibility is important. Especially when making such an important decision as marriage counseling. The added convenience is important because it allows couples to be more consistent in meeting with their marriage counselor.

Consistency: Leads to Major Breakthrough

Online marriage counseling is a great way to get immediate support in your relationship. The sessions are consistent and reliable, which leads to better momentum and increased results. This provides couples with the tools they need to address issues head-on and move forward in their relationship successfully.

You can easily access online counseling from any location or time you want, providing flexibility for busy people who want quick solutions without having to miss important family or work commitments. Couples who have tried online marriage counseling report that it has helped them tremendously in their relationships – making it an excellent choice when considering online mental health services. Consistent online relationship counseling allows couples to establish new patterns of interaction.

Many couples find themselves struggling with what are called perpetual problems. Essentially the same problem over and over. This is often why couples will fall into the communication trap of using the words “always” or “never”. Rarely does your spouse agree with this type of language, but many individuals feel like each day is deja vu. Repeating the same issue over and over. This causes one or both spouses to feel like they are not being heard or seen by their partner. As the frustration increases, the patience and ability to communicate decrease.

During online marriage coaching, Hope Relentless steps in and supports couples in changing this pattern. Consistency plays a key role. Hope Relentless counselors provide an environment of encouragement and accountability.

In this environment, couples become aware of their argument patterns and then are equipped to replace the negative patterns with new healthy interactions. Meeting online allows for consistent meetings. Consistency creates momentum. Momentum creates new patterns. New patterns lead to lasting change.

Choices: Online Marriage Counseling, The Power of Choice

In-person counseling is limited to the marriage counselors in your city. When a couple considers online counseling, they can now choose from counselors all over the country. Your marriage is important. Getting the proper guidance, and wisdom is important. In-person counseling requires a couple to pick a counselor who is local. Online relationship counseling allows a couple to pick who is best. The health of your marriage is directly at stake.

By working with Hope Relentless online, you are choosing to work with experienced counselors. Sarah-Gayle Galbreath, the founder of Hope Relentless has an undergraduate degree in psychology, and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Beyond her formal schooling, she also has over 15 years of experience working with couples.

A key benefit of online relationship counseling is having an increased option of counselors to work with. For couples that choose Hope Relentless Marriage and Relationship Center, they are choosing the best of the best. Hope Relentless has a consistent proven track record of overcoming major hurts, restoring trust, and helping couples create and experience the marriage of their dreams.

Krista Rados
Krista Rados
Sarah is amazing! The second I looked at her website I knew she was the one to help us. We’ve been married for 15 years and struggling with communication. If you are willing to put in the work, Sarah is the perfect person to guide you. She is teaching us how to communicate, how to HEAR each other, and most importantly how not to respond from a place of defensiveness. She is patient and supportive. There have been many times I have wanted to give up (creating change is hard) but her support and encouragement help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sarah is teaching us tools that not only help us, but tools that also help us in our communication/relationships with our kids! Our entire family dynamic is changing from our work with Sarah! I can’t recommend her enough!
Maya Renee
Maya Renee
Sarah-Gayle is wise, a direct communicator and good listener. She asks powerful questions that help you get to the truth of what's c in your heart. She will both affirm you and challenge you. An excellent coach and person to talk to!
Jairo Vanegas
Jairo Vanegas
We loved working with Sarah-Gayle! She is very personable and has a very positive upbeat personality. Sarah-Gayle is a great listener, provides excellent counseling and keeps you motivated through the whole process. It has been a great experience for us.
Melanie Vanegas
Melanie Vanegas
Sarah-Gayle is extremely professional and comes prepared to help guide your marriage with a Christian centered focus. She’s refreshingly positive and upbeat and is truly invested in strengthening and improving your relationship.
Chris Pettit
Chris Pettit
UNBELIEVABLE! Sarah-Gayle has a huge heart and so much knowledge around marriage and family support. So thankful for everything she has been able to do for our family, and our friends! Appreciate you lady! If you have not scheduled time with her - DO IT NOW! You will be BLOWN away at how incredible she is! Absolutely awesome!
Holly Decheney
Holly Decheney
Sarah-Gayle is amazing. She has honestly saved our marriage. My husband and I were stuck in this endless cycle. We came to her at the very end of our rope, calling it quits to the point divorce was the answer. With her help, my husband and I will be happily celebrating 13 years of marriage in June 2022. There is no way we could ever repay Sarah-Gayle for what she has done for us. In the future, whenever there is something we need guidance on, we know exactly who we will reach out to. We are so blessed to have been referred here.
Jocelyn Jackson Williams
Jocelyn Jackson Williams
I have known Sarah-Gayle for over 15 years and have witnessed her dedication to her own family first hand. She is kind, thoughtful, And empathetic. One thing that is very important to me is that care providers are personable and not clinical. You can count on Sarah-Gayle to not only provide expertise but to do so in a very relatable way. Your precious heart will be safe with her.
Ben Vian
Ben Vian
Sarah-Gayle is an authentic coach! She asked insightful questions that really get to the heart of the matter. She wants your marriage to win and does what she can to encourage you. The best thing Sarah-Gayle did for us was remind us that growing closer to God helps us grow closer to each other.
Jess Carey
Jess Carey
Sarahgayle is one of the most observant and thoughtful marriage coaches. She is helpful, insightful, and gives practical steps to improve your relationship. If you are doing great in marriage or struggling she can help.
Paul Brunoforte
Paul Brunoforte
Sarah-Gayle Galbreath is a very caring, compassionate person who truly wants to help people. She lives what she teaches and I feel she would do a fabulous job as a coach.

F.A.Q’sOnline Marriage Counseling Victorville California

Who can I talk to about my marriage problems?

Everyday marriage problems can be discussed among friends and family. Especially if you have a friend or family member that seems to have a healthy and happy marriage and is open to mentoring you. Professional marriage counselors or therapists are trained in helping people specifically with their marriage. Finding the right marriage counselor can make a huge difference in a relationship.

Hope Relentless counselors work with couples every day. This provides experience and wisdom for what helps marriages get out of a rut and renew the romance and love that caused them to get married in the first place. All marriages face challenges and obstacles.

The important thing is getting counsel and guidance when a marriage is facing difficult times. By working with a trained marriage counselor or family therapist, couples can learn new and improved communication skills that will make a huge impact on the day-to-day atmosphere of the marriage.

What are the benefits of Marriage Counseling?

A key benefit to marriage counseling is getting help for your marriage. Marriage is one of the most important and impactful relationships a person has. When the marriage is off, it is hard for other areas of a person’s life to not also be impacted. When a marriage is healthy with loving communication, enjoyable intimacy, and laughter these dynamics play a key role in a person’s self-confidence and overall outlook on life.

Marital satisfaction plays a huge role in a person’s happiness. The benefit of marriage counseling is to get help with your marriage. Marriage counselors can help couples not feel isolated and alone. Therapists can also equip relationships with powerful new tools that can have an immediate positive impact on the relationship.

In many cases, the benefit of marriage counseling is saving the marriage. Hope Relentless counselors have consistently worked with couples that were on the brink of divorce. Where one or both spouses were on the verge of calling it quits. After attending counseling, the relationship was not only saved but often times improved and better than they can previously remember.

At times, marriage can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be draining. Working with the proper counselor can help a couple experience the peace of healthy communication, the confidence that comes from true intimacy, and the joy from building a family legacy of love, unity, and family.

Can couples therapy or counseling make things worse?

If working with a terrible counselor or relationship therapist and following their advice a marriage could get worse. But in general, the answer to the question “Can couples therapy make things worse?”, would be no.

Working with a professional counselor will make things better. Keep in mind some couples have been keeping secrets from each other for months or even years. When working with a counselor these hidden secrets may be shared and discussed during couples therapy. This can be hurtful, but a marriage counselor didn’t create the problem. It was already there lurking in the dark undermining the relationship.

When these types of relationship issues are exposed, then the marriage can begin to rebuild and restore trust. Conflict and tension is not the issue that ruins relationships. It is the way individuals respond to and treat one another around issues that leads to divorce.

Couples therapy can be exactly what helps a couple discover what is undermining their relationship. Once the problem or issue is identified, couples counseling can help the relationship navigate these issues in a healthy, supportive, and accountable manner. Therapy sessions can build on top of each other and equip the couple with new levels of health, strength, and confidence in their relationship.

What can make a relationship worse is to know something is off and to either ignore it or avoid getting help. Thankfully today mental health is becoming more common. As a society, we are recognizing that mental health is as important as physical, emotional, or spiritual health.

If someone broke their arm they would naturally go and see a doctor so they could get an x-ray and benefit from professional help during the healing journey. Marriage counseling should be viewed the same way. A relationship has experienced a wound or trauma, and the proper thing to do is to get professional help with healing and full recovery being the objective.

Hope Relentless offers FREE online marriage counseling. Call today to schedule your 1st session.

Is Online couples therapy really effective?

When doing a free consultation many couples ask if online couples counseling is helpful. The short answer is yes. When Covid first happened and in-person counseling meetings were not viable options, Hope Relentless started working with couples online via zoom. At first, both the counselor and the couples needed to get familiar with zoom, but once that happened the results for online relationship therapy are the same or exceed in-person sessions. There are several reasons why online couples counseling often surpasses in-person counseling effectiveness.

  • Online couples therapy is efficient; no time commuting, parking, or finding the counselor’s office.
  • Online marriage counseling is convenient; couples can attend their relationship counseling session from anywhere that has a wifi signal; Home, Office, Vacation, etc.
  • Because online is both efficient from a time standpoint and convenient for a busy lifestyle, couples are more consistent in their attendance.
  • Consistent attendance helps couples build momentum and see early breakthroughs in communication, rebuilt trust, and increased intimacy.
  • As couples experience improvement, it rebuilds excitement and hope for their relationship.
  • More consistent meetings help the counselor provide timely relevant advice for relationship issues as they happen. It minimizes or prevents long gaps in sessions where the couple was facing an issue but that was several weeks ago.
  • Relationships are often made up of daily and weekly habits and roles of responsibility. By meeting online and more consistently the counselor can better support and educate the couple on how to replace negative patterns with positive patterns. When new patterns are formed it becomes natural for the couple to regularly interact in healthy life-giving ways.

What should I not tell a marriage counselor?

Ideally, the marriage counselor you work with will create an environment where open and honest communication is encouraged. The point of marriage counseling should be to renew and restore the marriage. But sometimes individuals are hurt and they enter marriage counseling with preconceived intentions to be “right” and for their spouse to be “wrong”.

In a healthy counseling environment, there shouldn’t be much communication that is off-limits. Part of marriage counseling is to help couples explore in a healthy and constructive environment how to improve their relationship. This will include discussing difficult and potentially challenging moments or seasons of a marriage. Below are some phrases that would not help the marriage counselor help a client with their marriage:

  • “Don’t tell my spouse this but…” Secrets and picking sides is not the role of a marriage counselor.
  • “It’s your fault our marriage is a mess.” Blaming someone else for your relationship problem is both immature and lacks personal responsibility.
  • “That is a stupid idea.” Often times couples are struggling and looking for help with their marriage so it is important to stay open-minded and willing to try new ideas.
  • “I have already filed for a divorce, and then schedule another meeting.” People have the right to file for a divorce, and sometimes that is how a relationship ends. But show respect for your counselor and yourself by being open on whether you are actually working on the relationship or not. If the relationship is over consider individual therapy rather than couples counseling.

What percentage of marriages are saved by counseling?

This is a tough question to answer. Every marriage and each counselor is unique. To make a broad claim would not apply to all situations where a relationship attended marriage therapy. But to answer the question from a broad view, Hope Relentless has experienced incredible results “saving” marriages during counseling.

Hope Relentless has a unique 12-week program that consistently helps couples that were on the brink of divorce. The real impact that Hope Relentless has on marriages is not just a band-aid type of approach that helps for the short term.

The 12 weekly sessions equip marriages in identifying their argument patterns and hidden expectations. Once couples have identified their toxic patterns, they are educated on how to replace those patterns with healthy ones. Conflict and disagreement will always be a part of marriage. Let’s be realistic, marriage consists of two unique people with unique personalities, unique experiences, and unique strengths.

These are all to be celebrated, but these unique differences can also lead to tension and disagreement in a relationship. When working with Hope Relentless, couples learn how to identify and then navigate these communication challenges in a way that supports and strengthens the relationship.

Hope Relentless has seen a nearly 100% success rate from couples who have completed the 12-week program. What makes the 12-week program so powerful is how quickly it improves the relationship, instilling the couple with hope and a healthier perspective, but also how long-lasting the impact is. The mission of Hope Relentless is to celebrate marriage and equip couples to have happy marriages for the long term.

If you and your spouse are both willing and ready to work with Hope Relentless, I am sure you will quickly experience breakthroughs and increased success in your own relationship. A healthy relationship can and should be a reality and not a dream. Hope Relentless is here to help.

Is Online Therapy done over Chat?

Sometimes a relationship coach works with clients over live chat, but Hope Relentless utilizes video sessions over zoom. This allows the couple and the counselor to see each other. Live video calls allow for body language and facial expressions to be read. After 5-10 minutes many clients forget they are not in person and have discovered that virtual counseling is just as impactful as traditional in-person counseling.

New studies have consistently shown that online therapy for individuals and relationships is just as impactful as in-person therapy. For this reason, more and more couples are participating in virtual therapy as a practical and impactful way to strengthen their relationship and learn new skills. Sign up today and experience the benefit of virtual marriage counseling.

Is Hope Relentless part of the Talkspace network?

No, at this time, Hope Relentless is not part of the Talkspace network. Talkspace is a separate online platform and can be an additional resource for individuals to find a licensed therapist. Hope Relentless is a unique platform founded by Sarah-Gayle Galbreath and is separate from the Talkspace subscription app.

What questions do marriage counselors ask?

Questions can vary depending on the type of therapy. Hope Relentless counselors will often ask open-ended questions. The purpose of questions is to give each individual the space to think and share their thoughts without interruption. Your relationship coach is working with you to help identify and replace negative patterns. As people, we often default to habits and patterns. Some of these patterns are helpful and some of these habits are harmful.

Counselors ask questions to better understand these patterns and then equip the couple to create healthy relationship patterns. Often times couples reach out for counseling because they need help with conflict resolution. Keep in mind, your marriage counseling will ask questions to open up the conversation.

At Hope Relentless a marriage counselor will never ask a question for the purpose of embarrassing a client. Our goal is to create a positive encouraging environment. When a meeting ends you will often feel hopeful and encouraged by the progress that is being made.

As long as we have breath in our lungs, then we have HOPE.

-Sarah-Gayle Galbreath

How do you know if a marriage is over?

A marriage is never over until it’s over. Regardless of what difficult situations a couple experienced in the past, there is always hope. Sarah-Gayle has worked with dozens of couples that came to marriage counseling as a last-ditch effort. Oftentimes both people believe the marriage was over. After working with Hope Relentless, relationships find themselves with a new sense of hope.

It can take time for healing to be complete, but often couples feel a sense of relief and optimism for the future after only a couple of weekly sessions. Keep in mind the average marriage waits over 6 years before they seek professional help. Marriage counseling is not a magic cure that suddenly fixes years of pain and struggles overnight. But couples counseling can provide immediate relief and then continual growth and progress week after week.

How much does marriage counseling cost?

One average marriage counseling will cost somewhere between $75-$250 dollars per meeting. The range in price can fluctuate based on the experience of the therapist. The location of the counseling. San Francisco and New York will be more expensive than Boise and Idaho.

The education of the counselor or therapist can also play a key role in how much online marriage counseling will cost. Typically a licensed marriage and family therapist will charge more than an unlicensed therapist. From there, someone who has Ph.D. credentials may charge even more to provide online couples counseling.

What is important is finding someone that has the experience, is available, and that both people feel comfortable, confident, and trust the counselor they are working with.

When making a decision for online couples therapy it is important to also consider the cost of not getting help. Financially speaking divorce is incredibly expensive. Then consider the emotional and mental health aspects of a divorce, and I suggest focusing on completing online relationship counseling. It can be the thing that saves your marriage.

Can Online Marriage Counseling save my Marriage?

Yes, working with Hope Relentless can save your marriage. Simply put, it is what Hope Relentless does. Every day Hope Relentless counselors work with couples. People often ask “Is online marriage counseling effective”? Yes, it is. If you are looking for help with your marriage take action today and start experiencing the growth of working with Hope Relentless and their professional team of counselors.

Please read our reviews online. You will see a 5-star review after a 5-star review. We are passionate about helping people experience and celebrate all that marriage can be. Sarah-Gayle the founder of Hope Relentless regularly says as long as we have breath in our lungs then we have HOPE.

At times marriage can be hard, but it does not need to be lonely. Mental health and relational health are keys part of our lives. Why not have a relationship coach in your corner to help you be the best version of yourself and enjoy the best marriage possible? You are worth it and your spouse is worth it. Do not settle for average in your most important relationship. Call Hope Relentless today.

Can a Marriage be Fixed without Counseling?

Yes, a marriage can be fixed without counseling. If a marriage is “broken” it will need to start doing something different otherwise it will continue experiencing the same hurtful patterns over and over again. Often times what marriages need is encouragement, support, accountability, and new skills/tools they can use to apply to their day-to-day interactions.

This can happen through reading a book, listening to a relationship podcast, or meeting with a counselor. The advantage of working with a counselor is the expertise, support, and accountability. We often tell couples that working with a counselor means their marriage is important to them. Think of marriage counseling as an investment that will pay incredible positive returns.

How often should couples attend counseling?

There can be multiple answers to this question.

The first answer is any time the marriage thinks they could use some additional guidance, support, or wisdom from a professional. Many marriages end in divorce because they waited so long before getting help. Research studies have shown that most marriages wait over 6 years before reaching out for help. Think about the additional pain and frustration that could have been avoided by getting help earlier.

If a kid broke his arm, a loving parent wouldn’t wait to go see a DR. We need to start thinking of our marriages as important relationships to invest in and prioritize, not long-term commitment that nags us and holds us back. When we prioritize our marriage we will seek help early not late.

A good marriage counselor will equip and prepare a marriage to build long-term patterns and habits that support a healthy relationship without needing to see a counselor every week forever.

The second answer is weekly. When actively working with a marriage counselor then weekly meetings have been shown to produce the most growth and create the biggest impact. The combination of early help and consistent help will prepare a marriage to thrive.

How Does Online Marriage Counseling Work?

Online marriage counseling is both incredibly effective and simple to start. Hope Relentless offers a free 1st meeting. This allows couples to experience online counseling, and get an overview of what makes Hope Relentless unique. The counselor will discuss how the 12-week program can transform their marriage. If the couple decides to move forward they can discuss pricing (various payment plans are available). Then to move forward the couple selects a time that works for them and they can get started.

The actual meeting will be completed on zoom. This allows both the counselor and the couple to see each other on live video. The calendar invite will provide an easy zoom link, just click to open and then the online counseling session will begin. Many couples have communicated that after 5-10 minutes they completely forget they are not in person. At that point, online therapy works the same way as in person.

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Next Steps for Online Marriage Counseling

1. Schedule 1st free session

2. Attend 1st free session

3. Decide to work with Hope Relentless or not Hint: you will want to 🙂

4. Schedule additional counseling, and enjoy the growth your marriage will experience.

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